mandag den 15. november 2010

It's like an addiction..

Here is a teaser for Medina's new song addiction, remixed by Svenstrup & Vendelboe.
Some of my favorite remixers from Denmark! Enjoy

søndag den 7. november 2010

It has been a while...

Hey guys.
I haven't been posting for a while now, but I've been so busy that I've had to set my blog on standby for a while.
Well that is over now so I'll start posting again now.
Todays song is Akon - Beautiful remixed by Haibert Barfian. Amazing tune, I hope you will enjoy it!

søndag den 24. oktober 2010

Back from New York

Hey guys. Just got home from New York.. It's freezing cold here in Denmark, so I'm posting a summer song today!
Made by the danish hit makers "Abe&Ven" translated "Monkey&Friend". ENJOY

onsdag den 13. oktober 2010

New York Here I COME!

Hey guys.
I'm gonna visit New York for the first time in my life tomorow, flying tonight!
But that also means I wont be able to put up videos for the next week, so here is the last one for some time..

onsdag den 6. oktober 2010

David Guetta @Copenhagen Friday 8th October 2010

Hey guys.
A big idol of mine is visiting Copenhagen (Denmark) this friday!
He's famous for his monster-hits like "Memories" featuring Kid Cudi, "Sexy Bitch" with Akon and "Love is Gone" with Chris Willis.
Everything he touches turns into gold, I have big respect for that man..
So todays post is "Club Can't Handle Me" by David Guetta.

mandag den 4. oktober 2010

New Day - New Song - Mohombi - Bumpy Ride (Chuckie Remix)

Was a bit out of ideas, but then I found this sweet remix of Mohombi - Bumpy Ride
Song starts at around 1:02 or so.. ENJOY